1 Zebra

They are Malians. They make bracelets by hand. But not just any. Jokko. These bright and hopeful bracelets. Colorful, original and unique adornments that hang on the arm like so many gestures of solidarity. We adorn ourselves by the dozen + 1 and it gives the most beautiful looks: ethnic-chic or eco-urban, we never part with them.

These women from the Bozo tribe who live in precarious conditions have flair and resilience. Resolutely resourceful and inventive, they have decided to take their fate in hand. Using the means at their fingertips, they set out to convert the "commonly referred to as flip flops" that were too worn out into recycled bracelets. Had to think about it!

Result? This summer's must-have: Jokko anytime, anywhere, from the pool to work!
For every 1 of your purchases, 1 zebra gives back to a child, pencils and notebooks required for school. The unusual bracelet, the 13th in your game, represents the child you are helping, a lucky little zebra! And, the price of the bracelets? $ 35. Our colors: white tiger, aquamarine, zebra, African sky, orange blossom and wild rose.
The women and children of Mopti in Mali tell you: Thank you!


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