Made from natural rubber, Batucada jewelry is super light in addition to being made with the greatest respect for nature and the environment. It is with good reason that these jewels are nicknamed in several countries of the world "skin jewelry" an absolutely irresistible second skin.

This natural gum is made from 80% vegetable soybean oil and 20% certified organic plasticizer used in the medical industry and in food packaging.

These featherweight hypoallergenic jewelry are 100% recyclable, silicone-free, lead-free, petroleum-free and phthalate-free (carcinogenic substance)

A second skin; between 2 and 4 grams on your wrist or on your neck!

The brand collaborates with French designers and international artists for more and more new products.


All creations are hand molded by women (from China) with delicate craftsmanship. These employees receive salaries equivalent to European salaries for comparable positions.  

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