In each Batucada accessory echoes the love of Brazil.


France -China

Fair Trade

A ray of sensuality for the cult of beauty, a breath of lightness for the desire to move, dance, live, in complete freedom and a touch of respect because we cannot pay homage to such a sublime land without thinking about the environment. 

Eco-friendly materials:

The natural gum is hypoallergenic, 100% recyclable using only eco-responsible components, without petroleum derivatives (80% vegetable oil, 20% certified sustainable plasticizers). No lead, phthalates, silicone or latex. 100% recyclable.

All creations are molded and then baked by hand by women with delicate know-how, employed & salaried in a socially responsible manner. (Our employees in China receive salaries equivalent to European employees, in comparable positions.)

With the same concern for the environment, we only use recycled and recyclable paper to make our packaging.

They are resistant to water, cold, heat and washable with mild soap and water.

Each Batucada accessory echoes the love of Brazil.

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