The Origin of the Evil Eye

Lava rock
, also called “lava” or “volcanic stone”, is one of the most energetic and protective stones in nature. The word lava comes from the Latin "labi" which means "to slide".

This volcanic stone represents endurance, tenacity and perseverance. It is very useful for entrepreneurs, athletes and, in general, people who want to improve themselves. This mineral of volcanic origin comes from the interior of the Earth, hence its great energy! It is considered the center of knowledge and intelligence.

Lava rock will help you against bad energies. Feel their protection from false beliefs and negative energies.

Obviously, blue eye jewelry is not only considered a simple accessory of taste, it has a very particular origin that goes back many centuries. Indeed, it is a jewel originally designed as an amulet with the particularity of protecting against the curse of the "evil eye".

In the history of Antiquity; among the Greeks, Hebrews or Egyptians, the eye is an aspect of the body with a certain particular symbolization. The "evil eye" refers to the envious, or even negative, gaze of a person and brings bad luck to the person being watched.

Today, the evil eye is more predominantly found in Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious areas. Nevertheless, the evil beliefs stemming from the origin of this jewel still spread everywhere, and on all continents.

Protect yourself from the evil eye

Whether in Turkey or Iran, Greece or the Maghreb, the blue eye is still used to protect against the evil eye. If this talisman breaks, it's a good sign! that means he fulfilled his role. But remember to replace it quickly, because you are never safe from the evil eye!

Many forms of defenses have been created to repel this evil: incantations, rituals, etc. However, the most popular form remains the defensive talisman. The latter was created to defy the curse. The talisman allows "to counter the curse in a preventive way". In most cultures, the person targeted by the evil eye is not even aware that they are being harmed.

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Our Evil Eye of Fatima lava stone bracelets made with lava stone beads, each offer different designs, making each one very unique! They are handmade, in Montreal! Buying local is ideal! The bracelets are mounted with a durable elastic with the lava stone beads. In the center, there is an evil eye glass ornament. Everything is made of stainless steel. This is a bracelet with a dimension of 7 ¼ inches, a standard size for women and available in several colors.

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