The Virtues of Lava Stone


Virtues of Lava Stone

The physical benefits of lava rock

On the physical side, specialists in lithotherapy, a technique that uses the properties of stones and crystals in order to provide care, agree that lava rock is a hot stone. The latter would have the ability to retain and distribute heat in a gentle and balanced way throughout the body when it comes into contact. In fact, many people use lava rock to relax muscles and relieve tension of all kinds, both muscular and nervous. In addition, lava rock is also said to have virtues of revitalizing the organs and restoring the functions of the body using its mineralogical peculiarities.

The psychic benefits of lava rock

On the psychic side, the lava rock is perceived as a magnetic stone which will seek its power in the energy coming from mother earth. It is the natural magnetism of lava rock which ensures that the wearer is protected and positively influenced, giving strength and courage to face the obstacles of every day.

Lava stone
is a psychic reconstruction stone, it absorbs bad energies, negative and intense thoughts like anger. It also helps in self-knowledge to better evolve by overcoming unconscious blockages.

It can bring you strength, physical as well as mental stability. The chakras that relates to this stone are those of the Root, the Sacred and that of the Plexus.

To purify it, it must be immersed for a few hours in slightly salted distilled water and to recharge it like all black stones, it must be exposed to sunlight, ideally on a stack of crystals.

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By: Amélie Marchand & Edwige Micard

Product Photography: Iyad Tchélébi & Natalie Maalouf

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