Who is EBA?

Entoto Beth Artisan (EBA) is a cooperative launched in association with a Christian NGO in 2012 based in Ethiopia.

The original founder of this cooperative is Bethlehem Berhane. The idea for this association came to her when she visited a group of disadvantaged women who were neglected by their community because they were infected with HIV.

These women had been sent to the sacred spiritual mountain of Entoto in the hope that the mountain range would have a miraculous effect on their illness.

What does EBA do?

Their motto: "Changing people's lives one accessory at a time" RESTORING, ENHANCING, CREATING. "

EBA's mission is to employ disadvantaged women who are able to design beautiful, high-quality products. In addition, the foundation wishes to further expand this project in order to help more disadvantaged women.

Through this cooperative, EBA seeks to enhance and improve the lifestyle of women victims of double discrimination by using trade as a tool. The foundation wants to become a leader in high quality jewelry and leather products industry and a fair trade business in Ethiopia.

Regarding the goals, EBA wants to double its income to generate in order to increase the number of women who will benefit from their aid. Therefore, the foundation wants to equip their beneficiaries with the necessary skills through training so that they can carry out their work.

How are their products made?

The majority of their products are made with recycled and unusual materials such as the carcasses of bullets, artillery, metal and tires.

On each product, you can read the stories of the people who made them and how EBA helped them take their destiny into their own hands from the ground up.

In the following video you will see how EBA jewelry is made.

Video produced by the President of EBA in Ethiopia

How are they incorporated into your everyday looks?

Are you looking for a casual look or an evening look? Don't worry, EBA's sublime accessories will meet your requirements.

You can go for the all-silver look with the sublime matching earrings, necklace and Bracelet. You will look great!

You can also choose a mismatched look by putting together several different accessories.


You can find all the items made by EBA in the collection dedicated to Ethiopia, you will surely find what you are looking for! Good shopping!


 By: Amélie Marchand & Edwige Micard


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