Respect people

Conducting business activities in a manner that not only respects the heritage and talent of the craftsman, but is focused also on fair treatment (remuneration and conditions) and skills development.

Our mission

At SO Original, we have a passion to travel to remote places and discover hidden workshops where talented artisans make these unique and beautiful baskets. And we offer them to you. In doing so, we aim to support the creation of sustainable income and the construction of infrastructure in the communities with which we work. 

 A tough job that needs to be valued. Long hours of work, a lot of ptience and joy, turn these pieces into works of art.

Approach and durability

We are dedicated to connecting artisans from emerging economies to the international market. We believe that supporting individual artisans and small businesses through commerce is the most effective and sustainable way to improve people's lives, create long-term relationships with our artisan partners, and help them develop their business for lasting success.

The power of the trades

We also believe in the beauty of goods produced by traditional methods. The authenticity of our craftsmanship is unmatched, as each handmade piece is uniquely linked to the craftsman who created it.

But in addition to producing beautiful decorative accessories, the making of these baskets supports the craft sector in Ghana's emerging economies in addition to offering our craft partners economic opportunities that are not otherwise available to them. The handicrafts sector is the second largest employer in developing countries and enables millions of people to own their own businesses and earn stable incomes. Handicraft production requires skills which in many families are passed down from generation to generation. With the ever increasing demand for local crafts, it is hoped that these craftsmen can provide their children with the privilege of a good education and a better future.

Produce a basket

Producing a basket takes approximately 2 to 4 working days depending on the model and size of the basket. This figure does not include the time it takes for the weaver to go to the market to buy the straw. And it also doesn't take into consideration the time allotted to prepare the pair for dyeing and dyeing that straw.

Baba Tree Basket Company Ltd. is an authentic gateway to the most beautiful Bolgatanga market baskets of their kind. Every day dozens, sometimes hundreds, of weavers - men, women, children and students - arrive at The Baba Tree to conduct business, work and discuss village issues. In the shade of the Baobab Tree, these weavers receive the highest price for a basket. These artisans receive 15 to 20% commission on each basket made in addition to their initial salary. “It's about doing business that brings honor to everyone involved,” said Founder Gregory MacCarthy

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