Lava Stone

Lava rock

Lava rock is the result of rapid cooling of volcanic magma, once it has emerged from the surface of the Earth. It is a dark volcanic rock more colloquially known as "Basalt".

Properties of lava rock

The composition of the stone will change according to the type of lava, but also according to the type of volcano that rejects it, the latter can be effusive or explosive.

Lava rock is among the most common stones on the planet, because it forms a large part of the oceanic crust.

It is a very hard stone, its colors vary from light gray to black through dark gray. The color of the stone varies greatly depending on its chemical composition and the additives that go into the composition of the lava rock. We can see lava rock slides everywhere there are volcanoes.

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History of lava rock

There are a host of stories all over the world that connect humans to volcanoes. Some are universal among human beings, including the reasoning between volcanic eruptions or a supernatural event that refers to divine anger.

Whether in Hawaii on the island of Java or Iceland in Africa, the human race has always had the imagination to justify the wrath of volcanoes. From these massive and fascinating manifestations result the formation of a stone, usually black, and filled with the energy of the earth which ejected it. We often confuse lava rock with a simple rock containing the intensity and energy of fire.

Today we use lava rock for different reasons. It is frequently used in a variety of industrial sectors for certain types of mortars or even as building stone or building borders. There are artisans who also use lava stone for the creation of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and jewelry, all of them super creative and original.

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By: Amélie Marchand & Edwige Micard

Product photography: Iyad Tchélébi & Natalie Maalouf

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