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SO Original decided to make a partnership with the company PooPooPaper. It manufactures various products in an innovative way, because they are made from 100% PooPoo of animals such as: books, envelopes, cards, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks and bouquets of flowers. In addition, these are eco-friendly and without the addition of chemicals. Imagine making paper without using trees or forest material. The items are all handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Discover our other products from this beautiful country by clicking here!

The animals that generate the dung they need for the process have at least two things in common: All are herbivores and have a high-fiber diet consisting of bamboo, sugar cane, herbs, bananas, leaves, twigs, fruits and / or various other plants and vegetables. Additionally, these animals have a somewhat inefficient digestive system that does not fully digest and break down all the fiber they eat. As a result, a significant amount of fiber remains intact when they make poopoo.

Photo credit PooPoo Paper Park

The holiday season is just around the corner! Why not do something different this year and decorate your tree with original Christmas ornaments? PooPoo Paper offers you beautiful festive decorations as well as cards for the holiday season. Zero waste is an important topic for us and although we have products made from new materials, we continue to seek to add products made from recycled materials to our accessory collection. We are happy to present you with an ethical and fair creative collection for Christmas.

Photo credit PooPoo Paper park

Who says poo says exhibition! In partnership with PooPoo Paper, we approached the Musée de la Civilization regarding their exhibition Ô Merde! The latter aims to make people discover the issues of fecal matter management in the world, in Quebec as elsewhere, and to learn about health crises, issues of insalubrity and the hope of revalorization of our number two.

It is through this exhibition that the Museum is making the whole world aware of the amount of social and environmental issues generated by our excrement. There is a lot to learn about this universal organic matter! Other activities related to the exhibition are available, such as a guided tour, a Caca family quiz workshop and a podcast; The tales of a thousand and one shits.

Photo credit Museum of Civilization

"Having traveled a lot, I have been able to discover all types of toilets: spikes, dry toilets, floor toilets, bidets, Japanese toilets, I do. Anyway, I know shit too! »Sharing Marie-Claude Coulombe, founder of SO Original.

The three layers of this collaboration (SO Original, PooPoo Paper and Ô Merde!) All have hooks: products made from ecological and recycled materials. We all have the same stake, which is to balance our commercial activities with concern for the environment and for the people and communities involved in the manufacture of our products. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem!


 By: Amélie Marchand & Edwige Micard

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