Entoto Beth Artisan

Created in 2012 and member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

A company that makes beauty with recycled bullet casings and that values ​​250 employees.

Of these, three-quarters are occupied by women and about 150 women are HIV-positive.

disadvantaged and/or HIV positive

Dedicated to restoring the HIV/AIDS infected community on Entoto Mountain by providing gainful employment to over a hundred women.


We create unique handcrafted jewelry using local materials such as recycled tire wire, recycled bullet casings, repurposed artillery shells in our metal beads, and even coated Ethiopian coffee beans.

Elegant, Delicate.


Handmade with passion, patience and gratitude. You will proudly wear your Ethiopian jewelry.

Because it's important to us

Our Impact, Your Impact

Our values ​​and the reasons that led us to choose these products


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