OTRA - On The Road Again

Beautiful jewelry On The Road Again. Rings made of truck inner tubes are 100% recycled to be part of a logic of sustainable development

Otra jewelry

The “on the road again” Otra jewelry with its resolutely original design gives life to inner tubes, a product that is often buried or burnt. It was while riding a bicycle that two Nice people, Guillaume Damajou and Julie Ferrero, discovered the technical capabilities of an inner tube. Black material, mat, ultra-light and soft in contact with the skin, it is easy to cut from drawings by Guillaume and Julie.

Otra applies the 3R rule; reduce, reuse, recycle for responsible manufacturing.

Sensitive to environmental issues, Otra optimizes materials and industrial processes. On the jewelry side, they are graphic forms, apparel of resolutely modern femininity.

Accompanied by a universe that draws a cozy interior, made of Do It Yourself lampshades, majestic lamps, and colorful planters. After launching the brand in Canada, it was in Nice that Otra settled.

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