Hearts. Symbol of love, union, friendship, life. A meaningful gift

Heart, I love you! Heart of Soap Stone, Heart of wood. A Collection where love is waiting for you!

Soapstone Hearts

Craftsmen in Kenya carve heart-shaped paperweights from soapstone and then dye them before handwriting chosen words on the hearts.

These soft and warm-to-the-touch, intricately hand-carved soapstone hearts are wonderful keepsakes.

Format: 3.5 "T x 3.5" D.

Artists: Under the direction of master Charles Ndibe In, a dozen craftsmen from different ethnic groups work with soapstone. Charles’s criteria of excellence and the talent of local artisans make the quality of the hearts unique. These little Nairobi wonders can be found on your desk, bedside table, inside a pretty bowl.

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Soap Stone Heart

Kenya’s artisans use soapstone to sculpt heart-shaped paperweights. Once sculpted, they dye the paperweights and add hand-etched inscriptions.

These heart-shaped paperweights are soft to the touch. They are finely sculpted and make wonderful keepsakes.

Size: 3.5 "T x 3.5" D

Artists: Under the leadership of Charles Ndibe, a dozen artisans of different ethnicity sculpt the soapstone. Charles ’high standards of excellence combined with the talents of his artisans result in soapstone paperweights of the highest quality. These charming paperweights are found in Charles ’boutique, Ndima Crafts, located in the industrial section of Nairobi.

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