All our scarves a collection of very high quality, from their designs to the chosen materials

Scarves made with 100% wool,  100% cotton, 100% silk.                           

Scarves, your wardrobe essentials

Scarves, we never have enough! We classify them by color or style and we like to wear them for any occasion. You will have a blast wearing our scarves, made of luxurious natural materials; silk, wool, kosher, organic cotton naturally dyed.

About the fabric of our scarves.

Indigo fabric:

Very deep blue fabric, hand-dyed for a very long time in Senegal and elsewhere in Africa and India. The indigo color is obtained from a tree called "the indigo tree". The leaves of the indigo tree are said to have medicinal properties as well.

Bogolan fabric (mud cloth):

Bogolan is a very old traditional technique of vegetable dyeing valued and practiced in Mali and Burkina Faso.

The bogolan manufacturing process is artisanal. The textile used is woven cotton. Cotton is dyed by soaking in a decoction of tree leaves (n’galman and n’tjankara) containing a high concentration of tannin.

The patterns are then made freehand on the fabric from the mud. When the mud has dried, the cotton piece is rinsed with water to remove excess mud. Then, the process of soaking with the mud is repeated several times on the areas where it is desired to strengthen the black color.

Finally, the residual yellow areas are bleached with a mixture of millet and peanuts as well as an active ingredient: soda.

Each of these scarves has a story and a way of doing things that have touched our hearts. Their "indigo" and "bogolan" fabrics are marvels of Senegal, real treasures that we will love to wear in many ways.


Mal Savanah silk scarves

100% pure silk woven by Laotian weavers with the fair trade label.

Volunteer families raise silkworms which will give a high-quality thread. It is meticulous work that requires great rigor since the silkworm eats exclusively mulberry leaves and must be fed continuously following a precise cycle

Thanks to the work of their mothers, mulberry planters, silkworm breeders, spinners, and weavers, the quality of life of their children and their families have greatly improved.

Savanh Silk Scarves

These scarves are made of100% silk woven by Laotian weavers with an equitable trade label.

Volunteer families breed silkworms who will produce threads of the highest quality. It is painstaking demanding work that requires the utmost discipline. Silkworms only eat leaves from the mulberry tree and must be constantly fed within a strict schedule.

Families ’quality has greatly improved thanks to the work of women who plant trees, breed silkworms, spin, and weave.

The problem is, you tend to wear it all the time the same way, "I just wrap it around the neck."

Here are some ideas for you to develop a trendy look that will style your seasonal outfits.


Washing advice: Take some precautions with this vegetable dye. It takes the first wash before wearing or using an indigo fabric. Rinse your clothing or fabric in a bath of strongly salted water or water to which 1/3 of white vinegar has been added. This action limits the bleeding of colors and fixes them.


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