Mali ... Paul's dream, the country of singer Salif Keita. And as the song says, Sunday in Bamako is a wedding day. The processions of young and old are exuberant. There is dust and boubous and laughter and prowess of stuntmen on mopeds. Total happiness!

Mali… polluted, noisy, and does not smell good. A big environmental problem. Poor waste management; we cover our noses to see in the ditches, along the roads are overflowing with clusters of colors and smells.

Mali ... unstable some say, secure for others. Due to the political climate, we were only able to go to Bamako and Ségou, located some 240 kilometers from the capital Bamako. We intended to travel to “the pearl of the desert” Timbuktu and the “land of the Dogons” but we were advised to travel further north. (This topic deserves a post in our blog-April 2018).

Mali… and its ancestral craftsmanship impressed us; markup, galatan, bogolan and indigo are techniques still used today to create unique African fabrics. This is the reason for our detour to Mali.

Meeting Aissata and Boubacar was a great source of inspiration. It is with them that we have chosen to work.

The product of their work will be in the SO Original store this Friday, March 16. You will be impressed with the results that clay, bark, and plants can give to a fabric.

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