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Men's bracelet on SALE

Bracelet pour homme en SOLDE

Handmade from boat ropes, authentic Dutch heritage and fastened with a stainless steel shackle, this very fashionable bracelet rallies many men, even those who do not wear jewelry.


The Pig & Hen brand of men's bracelets was founded in Amsterdam, drawing inspiration from the history of Dutch sailors.

Indeed, in the early 1600s, the Netherlands was the nation that sailed with the largest naval fleet of the time. The crews made up of seasoned sailors set sail for regions still unknown; they discovered new lands, different ways of life, but also braved great obstacles in their path.

To protect against bad luck, the men had tattooed on their feet a pig and a hen (Pig & Hen) believing that these tattoos would protect them and give them the ability to survive in the event of a shipwreck. Indeed, the sailors estimated that they would be able to make landfall, just like the pig and the hen which were kept in wooden cages which made them float in the event of shipwreck, letting the swell bring them back to the shore.

Pig & Hen bracelets will save your life, even in the worst situations; sailor's faith!

These bracelets are meant to outlast a lifetime, are stronger than steel, and will age like your wrinkled face.

Pig & Hen is a bold and refined brand capitalizing on a unique and authentic brand history. Strong, unique and durable.

Handmade in Amsterdam

It's not just a fancy slogan. Our team works day in and day out to create your Pig & Hen items: everything is handmade, with the utmost care and attention to detail, here in Amsterdam

In addition to the boat rope and the stainless steel shackles which are our hallmark, it is above all the laughter, the good music and a dozen pairs of skillful hands, from very diverse origins, which constitute the main tools and materials with which we create our products. “It's a bunch of friends, that's what working here is like,” says Nicky, the production manager. It's an atmosphere that is quite unique. "