Made 100% with elephant dung, these useful and fun stationery items, without any chemicals. Couldn't be more ecological!

The forests thank us.


A new cycle

Elephant POOPOPAPER Park is an eco-friendly, naturally constructed paper product made from elephant poop fibers! A commitment to the planet and people is essential. With concern for balance for the natural environment and the people and communities we work with.

From poopoo to POOPOOPAPER

POOPOOPAPER is hand and machine made. Handmade papers usually have a very textured and rough surface. Smoother sheets can be obtained by extending the boiling period of the dough and by mixing the dough mixture thoroughly before the sifting step. machine-finished papers are machined on a Fourdrinier-style paper production line and generally result in a much smoother and more refined looking sheet of paper.


The very nature of the products illustrates our continuous efforts to use environmentally responsible and environmentally friendly production methods and techniques:

- No trees were cut down to produce the papers POOPOOPAPER™. POOPOOPAPER™ papers are tree-free and do not incorporate any wood pulp materials to produce our papers. We use alternative waste fibers that are blended with various pulps to produce our unique paper products.

- We color our papers with natural inks and non-toxic, edible food colorings.

Because it's important to us

Our Impact, Your Impact

Our values ​​and the reasons that led us to choose these products; Community Engagement, Fair and Equitable, Recycled or Natural Materials, Poverty Reduction and Handmade Creation.

Your video


"Elephant POOPOOPAPER was conceived as a concept in 2002 but was really born in 2005 when we realized that this crazy and outrageous concept we had been playing with for a few years actually met almost every important criteria we had on our interest list for the next business we wanted to build."