Who is Alexandra?

Creator of human value, Alexandra has always been very close to her people. It was in 2015 after a year of challenges that she created the LePouvoirDe concept which mission is to help people live their full potential.

The followers of the concept qualify these boxes as a balm for the soul, a moment of rest and freshness in this world where everything is going too fast.

Alexandra creates in relation to her experience; she tells us that LePouvoirDe Je Suis saved her life because she created it to get out of the abyss and be reborn from her inner evil. All the boxes are linked to a workshop and since January 2019 it offers a series of 4 workshops, one per quarter under the banner of AtelCoeur < workshops for the heart> which allow people to realize their desires for the year in each class. These workshops are very powerful because they have a meditative flavor. To start the year, we offer The Notebook Vision Magnet (The vision board reinvented) Her team and she are waiting for you on February 1 for this workshop which will start your year in a spectacular way.

More than training, AtelCoeur workshops will awaken in you the feeling of confidence and the certainty that anything is possible. An intense and spiritual learning so effective that you will see your desires come true without even having made the slightest effort because when the demand is pure the universe responds to you.

We look forward to seeing you at our workshops

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