So Original creative workshops
I am pleased to announce that beginning in June, SO Original will be organizing creative workshops at our boutique on a continuous basis . So Original will be supplying unique materials to the public such as recycled glass beads from Tanzania, hand made clay beads from Mali, antique or hand-painted copper beads from Ghana, semi-precious stones, pieces of fabric, in short, small finds and treasures brought back for you from our many journeys to far away lands . These activities will be open to groups of 4 or more: friends, mothers, families, we will also be accommodating birthday parties (up to 12 people)

Offert en tout temps.
Ces activités seront ouvertes aux groupe de 4 personnes et plus : amis, mères-filles, familles, fêtes d’anniversaire (jusqu’à 12 personnes), aussi avec reservation.
Horaire: Atelier avec assistance
Dimanche 11-17h
Mardis PM (13h-18h)
Atelier Thematique ; tous les mardis PM (13h-18h) et les jeudis
Designer Julie Bessette sur place.

A So Original do it yourself creative kit as well as DIY kits to take home will result from these activities and will be available online as of June. You can get an original set to make your own beginning early this coming summer. Come one come all , and allow yourselves to be transported by the essence of travel.