Free and authentic spirit, globetrotter, visual designer, wellness advisor, entrepreneur and creator of Mandala Paz.

Eve Monnier, offers versatile and fascinating creations that invite you to settle down and live to the rhythm of nature in order to spread calm and inner peace. 

MANDALA PAZ, a collection inspired by the mandala, the one which in Sanskrit term; (मणल) means circle, sphere, environment, community. 

The three-dimensional MANDALA, at the heart of my creations, is an accessory with multiple functions: work of art, bracelet, pendant, diffuser of essential oils, game, mobile sphere to transform to release stress and increase concentration. 

MANDALA PAZ, offers tailor-made creations, adornments, accessories and jewelry for sedentary nomads in search of beauty and well-being! 

A Montreal company that promotes the local economy, people and respect for nature. 

Eve also offers support for the integration of essential oils into your daily life in order to integrate healthy lifestyle habits for natural health. 

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