To see something once, is better than to hear about it a thousand times.

Yet, travel is more than the mere seeing of sights; travel is the making of new friendships,
the living of new experiences, the forging of new memories, the writing of new stories.
Of a place where nothing feels so familiar that it can be taken for granted,
where nothing is yours except the essential things;
the air and the skies, the sleep and the dreams.
Of a moment when in discovering how other people live, work and play,
you learned more about one's self and what it means to be human;
your connection with others and your place in the world.
Of a feeling caught between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for adventure,
where any longing for home gives way to the wanderlust;
for places we have never known and stories we have never told.
The wanderess seeks new perspectives, engages new communities,
makes new discoveries and shares them, just like so.

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