Mai Savanh Lao is a Silk and Tea Company established in 2005 whose heart and motivation are to work according to the Fair Trade values with the Lao producers. We became a WFTO.
Fair Trade Member in 2009 and are founder member of the Fair Trade Lao Association.

• Mai Savanh Lao has been established as a not for profit company by its four investors.
According to the agreement profits have to be reinvested in the various activities of the company and none of our owners have the right to take out any profits.

• The head quarters and showroom are based in Vientiane and we are active in 4 provinces, 3 of them are considered among the poorest of the country.

• Mai Savanh Lao started out with 3 full-time staff and now counts 35 full-time staff of which about 90 % are women. The potential producer network counts around 200 members and most of them are women. We manage each activity in the silk and tea supply chain, from origination to processing, designing, marketing and distribution.

We feel obliged to deliver our customers with a constant high quality of luxurious silk products.
To reach this high standard we have to teach and enable the producers on our own farm in the south of the country.

Our Silk products:
Mai Savanh Lao sources it’s silk more and more from it’s own production. We develop special knitting and embroidery silk yarns and combine the art of high quality hand weaving with the beautiful and luxurious shine of Lao silk to produce fine fashion accessories, home wares and fabrics.