SO Original

Bracelet made of recycled paper beads - Pink - Cambodia | SO Original


Landmine Design clients are agents of change on a global scale.

Bracelets, made from handcrafted paper beads to stunning new textiles, were created with you in mind. Strong, beautiful, resistant. Just like the woman who did it.

These bracelets containing a paper bead and a simple circle give your outfit a majestic look without any effort.


In 2012, we turned to paper - a simple, unpretentious resource - in hopes that jewelry made from paper beads could become a lasting way to equip women with dignified work. It worked!

Hurry up and buy this beautiful product and help spread recycled goods!

Landmine Design is a non-profit brand that empowers Cambodian women to rewrite their stories. Each piece is handcrafted by women victims or at risk of human trafficking. These artisans come out of poverty and work to redesign the future of their families and their communities. 100% of Landmine's income is reinvested in the mission of helping these women transform their lives.

Change happens because people like you care; because you choose to stand up for those in need with your purchasing power.