SO Original

Faith bracelet model, made of leather lanyards and highlighted by a pearl recycled paper bead


These recycled paper beads are made in Tanzania from the waste of magazines.These women are wonderful artists and a perfect example of ecological living.The sale of these paper pearls helps children who live in orphanages to improve their lives. This is an example of love and solidarity.

bracelet recycled paper pearl/blue leather lace/ethic/hand made/solid chain stitches plated with silver and pewter

Design by Style SO Original 

"Miracle"  FAITH Bracelet:

10 leather laces offered in 2 colors

1 antique wood pearl with silver spots (each one is unique)

2 solid chain stitches plated with silver and pewter

Solid magnetic closure made of silver or pewter.

Jewellery made with recycled paper pearls originates from fair trade craftsmanship in Tanzania.A large number of women craft workers are creating their own micro businesses to improve their lives and the lives of others around them who live in difficult conditions.