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Bracelet Pig & Hen - Salty Steve

Men's Bracelet
No rum for Salty Steve: his favorite drink is seawater and he drinks it by the gallon. Thanks to this disturbing ability, he has survived the sinking of a myriad of ships and sails the seas longer than anyone knows. He's a calm man with a salt-crusted beard who will silently look at you when you ask him how old he is.

6 mm
4 mm

Our men's bracelets are handcrafted in Amsterdam, using authentic boat rope, we carry on the Dutch heritage. They are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel, and will age like your wrinkled face.


Handmade Men's Bracelet Boat Rope Marine Rope and Stainless Steel Trendy Men's Nautical Bracelets

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All bracelets are handmade in Amsterdam

In the early 1600s, Dutch explorers set sail to unknown regions of the world, eventually forming the largest naval fleet on the planet. With a serious sea foot, they discovered new lands and new ways of life, while overcoming oceans of obstacles along the way.

To protect themselves from bad luck, sailors breed tattooing a pig and a hen on the feet, as crates of pigs and chickens were often the only floating objects after a shipwreck.

Sailors believed that the tattoo of a pig and a hen helped them not only to survive the most severe storms, but also to return safely to their beloved homeland.

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