SO Original

1 Zebra / Recycled plastic bracelets for a just cause


1 Zebre: Symbolizing women solidarity

These Malian women handcraft bracelets out of recycled flip-flops, providing viable means for their family.
Unique & colorful, you will not want to take these bangles out!
For every 1 bracelet you buy, 1 ZEBRE gives back to 1 child, pens and papers needed for school. The odd bracelet in your lot, the 13th, represents the Malian child you are helping.

13 to the dozen
At 1 zebre, you will get 13 bracelets per dozen. Contrasting in color, your premium bangle symbolizes our firm commitment to our African partners.

In addition to privileging the association with groups of women living in precarious conditions, 1 zebre gives back to the local community and more specifically to the children.

Small gestures for school
For each set of bracelets sold, 1 zebre will donate to a Malian child, pen and paper required for school. For these children, school supplies are almost sweeter than candy!