Advent calendar of teas and infusions 2022


Advent calendar of teas: the selection of T.Surprise! This calendar is currently in Pre-sale, it will be available for shipment from October 10th. Please note that quantities are limited. Delivery charges are included in the price.

Like children, as December 1 approaches, we can't wait to open our first box and discover what our calendar has in store for us. The Advent calendar of teas, perfect for treating yourself to a nice infusion a day!

Christmas is the favorite time for the whole team: open fires, spiced pastries, warm and comforting stockings, 100% organic Christmas teas… and the Advent calendar of teas, of course!

This is an opportunity to taste exceptional Christmas teas and gourmet infusions. 24 days of fun and surprises await you. This Advent calendar is a marvel to wait for an exceptional Christmas Eve.