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Necklace Brass Silver - Recycled Bullet and Old Amulet Envelope

This ethnic jewelry collection is the product of an Ethiopian social enterprise which aims to provide fair employment and minimum wages to more than 200 women. All jewelry is made with local materials such as recycled bullet shells, reused artillery shells and copper, zinc and silver plated beads. All these jewels do not contain lead. NEW FLOWER - Ethiopian jeweler collection This cooperative was started in association with a Christian NGO working to empower communities through religious and spiritual guidance. This project found its meaning through the encounter of many women living with HIV / AIDS ostracized from their community. Most were found on the sacred spiritual Entoto mountain - where they were sent hoping the chain of mountains would have a miraculous effect on their disease. Far from the city, looked down on by society, these women had barely enough to survive. Many refused to resort to begging out of pride, however they were found trying to sell little handmade objects near churches to get by. The strength and determination of these women are what inspired this program, which teaches them useful skills and allows each to earn a fair income. The cooperative works on the principle that handing out monetary and material aids is not as helpful as creating a supportive work environment where these proud women can earn an income.

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