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Rectangular cushions | SO Original


Large rectangular cushions made of basin fabric; cotton fabric made with 2 different fibers one mat and one shiny to create a knitted pattern. First, the cover is completely dyed and then re-dyed in tie-dye.

The colors of these cushions are bright and recall the typical colors of nature, between blue-green and yellow.

There is no doubt that decorative throw cushions are essential in increasing the aesthetics of a room. They add color, character, texture and make a bed look stylish, cozy, and inviting. A bed without cushions can look empty and uninviting

So if your living room or even your bed is looking for a fairly present or strong stain of color you know what to look for. A colorful coushin to make your home look beautiful.

Can fabric cushions be washed?

Yes, wash it off with cold water.