Eve Riopelle

Mademoiselle - Jute lidded basket - Bangladesh


An additional way to reduce environmental pollution is its ability to absorb heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

By using less of the Earth's resources and thanks to its ability to filter air and water, this plant effectively helps protect the environment.

Strong, durable and biodegradable


Jute fiber is biodegradable and recyclable

therefore environmentally friendly.

Jute absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at a much higher rate than most trees. Growing jute improves soil fertility for future crops. Jute reaches maturity quickly, in more or less 6 months and offers a high yield. Jute can be grown without the need to use pesticides or fertilizers.


Small - 6'' x 8'' Diameter - 15 cm x 20 cm Diameter

Medium - 17 cm x 25 cm Diameter - 6.75’’ x 10’’ Diameter

Large - 20 cm x 30 cm Diameter - 8’’ x 12’’ Diameter