SO Original

Pom Pom PI doo !

A jewel for your handbags which also serves as a key chain. Select your colors and decorate your handbags as you wish! These fluffy feather and beaded pompoms give your bags a trendy ethnic look; this season is marked by a return to the bohemian and hippie chic look. Treat yourself and give your bags an air of renewal. Handcrafted by a community of artisans in Thailand. Directed by a lady of a certain age, the THANKS GIVING HOME has the mission to help the Thai people without resource, social or pecuniary. For example, by helping the children of the government orphanages to enroll in better schools. through the sponsorship formula, THANKS GIVING HOME increases their chances of building a better future. And it is only through fundraising that consists of selling small toys or cards that this big-hearted lady helps not only orphans but also people with disabilities and seniors without financial resources. His mission? Simply provide help to the most disadvantaged ... Design by Nina Heyer Description natural feathers dyed Length 10 '', 25 cm Weight 0.1 lb, 0.05 kg, 2 oz Available in several colors.