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I love these Heart Shaped Olive Wood Keyrings

Craftsmen in Kenya scavenge the remains of olive wood by carving these adorable little key chains. The addition of metal turns this object into a handcrafted piece of jewelry that you wear with you at all times.

As these hearts are not mass produced, the wood grain, shape and inlays may vary from product to product making it unique.

Remarkable fair trade product

The cutting of wild olive trees is legally regulated and comes from protected lands. It is regulated by cooperatives of sculptors. Nothing is wasted; artisans carve all the small and large pieces.

Country of origin: Kenya

Sizes: (Heart) 1.5 "L x 1.5" T (Complete keyring) 1.5 "L x 3.5" L

Materials: Wild olive wood and metal

Unique Design, Inspirational, Unique Chance to Help a Small Gifted Community in Kenya.

Heart Shaped Olive Wood Keyholders

Kenyan artisans salvage remnants of wood by sculpting these cute keyholders. The use of metal turn this object into a piece of jewelery that you’ll always keep on you.

These hearts are not mass produced. Wood grain, shape and inlays varies one piece to the next which makes this a unique product.

Fair trade product

The harvest of olive wood comes from protected forests and is strictly regulated by cooperatives of local sculptors. Nothing is wasted. Big and small pieces are used for various projects.

Sold in a set of 4.

Country of origin: Kenya

Size: (Heart) 1.5 "L x 1.5" T (Complete keychain) 1.5 "L x 3.5" L

Materials: Wild olive wood and metal