Batucada Earrings

Original earrings in natural gum, Batucada jewelry is super light in addition to being made in the greatest respect for nature and the environment

Fabricated with natural plant product, batucada jewelry are super lightweight on top of being fabricated with the utmost concern for our environment.

This jewelry is considered « skin jewelry » and a completely irresistible second skin.

This natural gum is composed of 80% soya oil and 20% biologically certified natural plasticizer utilized in food packing and the medical industry.

This hypoallergenic jewelry is super lightweight and is 100% recyclable, without silicone, or lead, no petroleum and phthalate products (known cancer-causing agents)

A second skin; between 2 and 4 grams on your wrist or your neck!

The brand is constantly collaborating with internationally known French designers and artists to continuously create new trends. All of the creations are molded by hand by women in China whose hand practice is delicate and light. These employees receive a salary equivalent to that of European workers in similar positions

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