Textile Necklaces

Beautiful necklaces, recycled silk ties for a second life!

“Pauline at the campsite” collection

With threads imported from Turkey, Pauline makes lace. His expert hands create jewelry necklaces that are as light as a feather and that go wonderfully during the summer season or when traveling in hot countries.

For Pauline, making these necklaces has become a therapy that makes her forget her little worries. His workshop? Outside, surrounded by trees and flowers, in front of her trailer.

From a simple hobby that allowed her to stand out in her group of friends who became her first clients, this activity has become a joyous adventure.

Now that her necklaces are in store, Pauline wants a portion of the proceeds from the sales to be donated to certain charities.

“Pauline at the Campground” Collection

Sitting in front of her camper, surrounded by trees and flowers, Pauline makes needle-lace with threads imported from Turkey. Her expert hands create lace necklaces light as a feather. They are extremely pleasant to wear on a warm summer day or in warmer climates.

Needle-lace making is soothing for Pauline and helps her forget her worries. What started as a simple pastime became a joyous activity which distinguished her from her friends who were her first clients.

Her lace necklaces are now sold in stores. Pauline wishes to give the profits generated by the sale of her lace necklaces to different charity causes.

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