SO is PROUD to be a MEMBER

1% for the Planet is a global organization that exists to ensure the prosperity of our planet and future generations.

SO is thrilled to be part of a global network of inspiring businesses coming together to give back to the Earth.

Be with us and protect our planet.

SO is committed to preserving our earth and future generations.

                                                                      La Mer, Dakar, Senegal 2022 - Photo credit MCC

La Mer Sénégal Dakar 15 for the PLanet SO Original

“This is not philanthropy, […] it’s rent for us living on the planet.”

- Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia and Co-founder of 1% for the Planet


    - So Original are very proud to have become a member of 1% for the Planet. We’re enthusiastic to be part of such a global network of inspiring companies who come together to give back to the Earth.


1% for the Planet is a global movement launched in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies. Aware of their responsibility to protect the planet, these passionate outdoor entrepreneurs have decided to donate 1% of their sales to the environment, whether profitable or not.

Realizing the power of collective action, they founded 1% for the Planet as a non-profit organization to encourage other companies to do the same. By joining the movement, companies also pledge to donate 1% of annual revenue to local nonprofit environmental organizations that make a difference on the ground through cash donations, volunteer time , in-kind donations or other forms of approved promotional support.



After reviewing 1% For The Planet's shortlist of nonprofits, we'll identify five environmental organizations we want to support.

We will choose two organizations that focus specifically on BIPOC communities, two organizations closer to home (QC, Canada) and one tree planted.

We will donate 1% of our fiscal year 2022 revenue to our nonprofit partners. And the best part is that as SO grows - with your support - our impact will grow too.



Be aware, a purchase from us makes a very small difference but together we can make a big difference for our planet.

Be the change with us and become a Consum'Actor.