New Flower Bracelets

Bracelets made with recycled bullet casings, reused artillery shells and copper, zinc and silver plated balls. Do not contain lead.

Ethiopian jewelry collection

A stunning project and a source of inspiration just like the women who make these jewels. Jewels are made from artillery pieces such as cartridges of bullets, artillery shells, and copper, zinc, and silver-plated balls which do not contain lead.

This jewelry workshop mainly employs women living with HIV or at risk. Thanks to this work, these craftswomen not only have a stable job but also have access to training, education, and medical care.

Ethiopian Jewelry Collection

An inspiring project in the image of the women artisans who make this jewelry. The Collection is made with pieces of artillery from gun cartridges, artillery shells, beads made of copper, zinc, or plated silver with no trace of lead.

This workshop essentially employees women infected with HIV or who are at risk. This work provides them with stable employment, gives them access to education, professional training and medical care.

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