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Chacun des produits que SO Original vous présente pour décorer vos maisons a été choisi pour sa qualité. soutenir les artisans des quatre coins du monde.

World decoration

Sublime complete collection of home decoration, handmade with love. From various social projects aimed at increasing the income of these artisans and we offer you exclusivity!

Trendy decor for modern home

The decoration, like an item of clothing, must stick to the skin of the owner. Decorating your home with creativity and passion like a painter and knowing that real people love it with rapture is gratifying.

From souvenirs brought back from travel to pretty handmade things (DY deco), our style announces our "states of grace".

What our interior says about us is that the choice of our furniture, our colors and the arrangement of the rooms are not the only fact of conscious decisions but an unconscious desire that our interior protects us from the outside, that 'he "envelops" us.

Is the decoration inspired by fashion? Obviously, there is always a strong trend circulating in the air! SO Original loves difference and that's what we offer you with a Splendid complete collection of home decoration, handmade with love. Coming from various social projects aimed at increasing the incomes of the craftsmen that the factory in addition to giving them back their dignity and making them smile every day! Your imagination as well as your inspiration will be filled!

Our inspirations and our recent discoveries brought back from our travels in Africa, among others, nicely occupy an increasingly important space in the shop.

Our "Tye Dy" fabrics in vegetable colors such as "bogolan" and "indigo"

Much appreciated by fashion designers and decorators are offered in a whole assortment of cushions and meters of fabric. Easy to integrate into a decor, these fabrics have the art of reviving a room in no time at all!

In terms of materials, these Tye dye fabrics add an elegant atmosphere with dark woods and gold or copper accessories. With light wood, and Scandinavian-style lines, it brings cheerfulness and luminosity.

We love them because they invite to travel when paired with furniture and accessories with ethnic accents.

SoOriginal is first and foremost the spirit of travel and exclusivity!

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