Why did we name ourselves Style SO Original

SO is a positive expression in all languages.

SO in Thai means a “shared object. Our mission is to share with you our exclusive products.

SO in English and German denotes “so much” willingness to buy products, made by artisans, which improves their quality of life.

SO in Japanese conveys the “perception” of perpetuating an authentic work ethic which adds value to local economies.

SO in Vietnamese implies “in this manner” we wish to continue a dialogue in a respectful relationship which ties us to these gifted people with golden fingers.

SO in Korean expresses our will to build a “solid” reputation and differentiate ourselves by offering a selection of accessories of the highest quality.

SO in Portuguese indicates you will find these unique objects “only” at Style SO Original.

SO in the south of France “invites you in and allows us” to have de pleasure of assisting you.

SO in Laotian signifies “then”, in order to discover our treasures, then we create

SO Original !