Lotus Necklaces

These beautiful reversible necklaces in glass beads and silver adornment. Design from Milan and the talent of 200 Maasai women artisans.

These magnificent reversible Necklaces in glass beads and silver adornments are the combination and collaboration of an Italian design created by the students of the European Institute of Design in Milan and the talent of 200 Maasai women artisans.

This unique bracelet is reversible.

A chance meeting of two women deeply affected by the country's deforestation rate and a very simple but brilliant idea; that of encouraging the talent of Maasai artisans and developing stable commercial channels so that they can improve their social condition and become self-reliant in a country where the social economy is declining every day. Besides the pleasure of wearing these exceptionally designed bracelets made with love and craftsmanship, every dollar you spend is a vote cast to improve the living conditions of these proud and genuine people.

One size, different shapes

Recycled glass beads


Simple patterns (3)

2 colors, white, silver / white back

Weight xxx oz (very light)

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