Silk production, weaving and embroidery are ancestral treasures of traditional Laotian art that deserve to be better known.

Laos (/ ˈlɑːoʊs / / laʊs, ˈlɑːɒs, ˈleɪɒs /; Lao: ລາວ, Lāo [láːw]), officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao: ສາ ທາ ລະ ນະ ລັດ ປະ ຊາ ທິ ປະ ໄຕ ປະ ຊາ ຊົນ ລາວ, Lao: ລາວ, Lāo [láːw]), officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao: ສາ ທາ ລະ ນະ ລັດ ປະ ຊາ ທິ ປະ ໄຕ ປະ ຊາ ຊົນ ລາວ, the state socialist Sathalanalaiat Paxôathnat), the only Paxathnat socialist, Sathalanalaiat Paxathnat) landlocked in Southeast Asia. At the heart of the Indochinese peninsula, Laos is bordered by Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Its capital and largest city is Vientiane.

Laos became independent in 1953, with a constitutional monarchy under Sisavang Vong. A post-independence civil war began, which saw the Communist resistance, backed by the Soviet Union, fight against the monarchy which was then influenced by military regimes supported by the United States. After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, communist Dowopabunya Pathet Lao came to power, ending the civil war. Laos was then dependent on military and economic aid from the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1991.

Laos is a member of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, ASEAN, East Asia Summit and La Francophonie. Laos applied for membership of the World Trade Organization in 1997; on February 2, 2013, he was granted full member status. It is a one-party socialist republic, espousing Marxism-Leninism and governed by the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, under which non-governmental organizations have consistently called the country's human rights record poor, citing repeated abuses such as as torture, restrictions on civil liberties, and persecution of minorities.

Politically and culturally dominant Laotians make up 53.2% of the population, mainly in the plains. Mon-Khmer groups, Hmong and other indigenous hill tribes live in the foothills and mountains. Laos' development strategies are based on generating electricity from rivers and selling the electricity to its neighbors, namely Thailand, China and Vietnam, as well as its initiative to become a “linked nation”. to the earth ”, as evidenced by the construction of four new railways linking Laos and its neighbors. Laos has been named one of the fastest growing Southeast Asian and Pacific economies by the World Bank with annual GDP growth averaging 7.4% since 2009.

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