Made from 100% elephant dung, these useful and fun stationery items are chemical free. Couldn't be more ecological!

PooPoo Paper Company manufactures various products in an innovative way, as they are made from 100% PooPoo of animals such as: books, envelopes, cards, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks and bouquets of flowers . In addition, these are eco-friendly and without the addition of chemicals. Imagine making paper without using trees or forest material. The items are all handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The animals that generate the dung they need for the process have at least two things in common: All are herbivores and have a high-fiber diet consisting of bamboo, sugar cane, herbs, bananas, leaves, twigs, fruits and / or various other plants and vegetables. Additionally, these animals have a somewhat inefficient digestive system that does not fully digest and break down all the fiber they eat. As a result, a significant amount of fiber remains intact when they make poopoo.

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