Shanga - Glass Beads - Bracelet

Beautiful women's bracelet mounted with multicolored beads of recycled glass stones

Recycled Glass Bead Collection

This cooperative is composed of handicapped persons. They fabricate these pearls using recycled bottles. The sale of these glass beads allows handicapped persons in this cooperative to earn a decent living and promote and safeguard African craftsmanship.

These multicolored beads are created in an open-air workshop, located in the heart of a lush forest at the gates of Arusha in Tanzania. Craftsmen are people with motor disabilities or blindness.

All the profits of this integration cooperative are redistributed to these artisans and give them the strength and courage to continue.

Saskia Rechsteiner, the initiator of this beautiful project, pronounced a very moving slogan: "Kindness is something blind people can see and deaf people can hear"

Millefiori glass marbles and glass paste marbles are "slave marbles" or also called "trade marbles" which were used between the 16th and 20th centuries as a currency to buy food, services. as well as slaves.

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