Our kitchen collection, all our kitchen products stand out for their originality and quality. unique objects that cannot go unnoticed

Pleasant, Magnificent, Unique! The art of the table is the talent and love of setting the table for the pleasure of the eyes and honoring the meal cooked with love. Whether as a couple, with family or with friends, every day should be Sunday meals!

Know that the taste pleasure is increased tenfold when you eat from pretty plates on a nicely decorated table. Play the stylist, there are plenty of “decorating ideas” links to add a festive feel to your table.

Your passion, your talent, the creation that you bring into your life for yourself and those you love is the best way to stay young and be appreciated.

Creating a beautiful table can be done with a lot or very little. But what is certain is that beautiful decorative items will always remain inspiring.

At SO Original, decorating a table is like a party elsewhere. Always in the spirit of authentic objects brought back from our travels, the decorative baskets in warm sisal colors from Swaziland, the ceramics from South Africa, the table linens in Indigo or Bogolan cotton or natural colors and the utensils and olive wood accessories are a celebration of the know-how of craftsmen and the art of living within our houses.

To bring a little something to the person who receives us is in our traditions. Leave aside the classic bottle of wine that is not always appreciated and know that a more personalized gift always makes someone happy!

But what?

And why not small designer objects for the home to a “foodie” who has almost everything? We found in Ernesto de Barcelona's collection design objects, each more interesting than the last. Made from different recycled (aluminum, wood) and durable (wood) materials these objects are out of the ordinary.


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