1. SO is the creation of a company that distributes products made with passion by women and men from different countries in East Asia.
  2. SO it's all these treasures brought back in the luggage like this collection of noble leather handbags made entirely by hand by artisans in Thailand or these magnificent silks from Maï Savanh Lao, a local company serving the Laotian people and sustainable development.
  3. SO is the conscious and sensitive awakening to the cultural expression of these countries.
  4. SO is the commitment to stimulate certain local productions that directly contribute to improving the quality of life of craftsmen and preserving traditional know-how.
  1. WHY SO

    SO is a dynamic company that is not afraid to think big!
  2. SO is two travelers who went in search of talented Asian craftsmen; it's two travelers who left to satisfy their passion for fashion and ethnic objects.
  3. SO is mainly this collection of noble leather handbags that come in several rich and vibrant colors.
  4. SO is a privileged relationship with craftsmen and craftswomen from East Asia who collaborate in a production that aims for excellence.
  5. SO is the taste and commitment of two united and human travelers who want to stimulate local production and give artisans the right to have a better quality of life for themselves and their children.
  6. SO is also and it is very much the desire to give "women" artisans a new sense of security and assurance in their own possibilities.
  7. SO it's trendy. To be sexy today you have to be “ethical”. Our collection of handbags is an "affordable luxury" that fills ethically aware women with products that have a "soul", a story. SO's leather bags are elegant, stylish, youthful and natural. It's the perfect accessory that reflects your personality and can change your "ordinary" outfits into "extraordinary". Trust your intuition and your mood!
  8. SO wants to make all women who love beautiful accessories vibrate and dream.