zulugrass herbes recyclé teinture naturelle superposition adorable facile à porter collier bracelet coloré léger


Magnificent! An amazing collection of colorful jewelry made from “Zulugrass” grass beads dyed with low impact dyes made by Maasai Women

The “Zulugrass” is a set of 6 single strands (grass and fallen wood), studded with Czech mouth-blown glass and handcrafted by Maasai women from Kenya.

Their mission

Improve people's lives by creating work opportunities for Maasai in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way while maintaining cultural and traditional lifestyles.


The Leakey Collection has had a huge impact on these Maasai women. Traditionally, Maasai women do not work, but after a devastating drought, the men are further removed from their cattle. The Leakey Collection started the Zulugrass project so that these women would be able to pay for food, education costs, medical costs, and even buy their herd of goats or start their own business.

Fair Trade Certified Jewelry