Basket Ecological - Madagascar

Shop a wide selection of straw basket bags in different sizes, styles and colors to suit your needs and preferences. All handmade in Madagascar.

These beautiful handmade baskets are made by patient and detail-oriented craftsmen. The different types of plant fibers used to make these baskets are purchased directly from farmers in Madagascar. This method of direct purchase makes it possible to avoid plundering the wild, because the farmers themselves cultivate these fibers such as sisal, reed, banana tree among other materials. The vegetable fibers and the leather are then supplied to various workshops that have been working in this field for more than 20 years. The men and women who work with these raw materials are all adults and receive a decent salary for Madagascar. The assembly of the baskets is carried out with looms and old sewing machines, and the finishes are still done by hand. These baskets come from a truly ecological, artisanal, fair and recyclable production.

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