Lava Bracelets

Exclusive jewelry made in Quebec. A mix of lava rock and pretty little treasures unearthed especially for you!

Lava Stone Collection | Exclusive

Lava rock also called “lava” or “volcanic stone”, is one of the most energetic and protective stones in nature. The word lava comes from the Latin “labi”; it means “to slide”.

This volcanic stone represents endurance, tenacity, and perseverance. It is very useful for entrepreneurs, athletes, and, in general, people who want to improve themselves. This mineral of volcanic origin comes from the interior of the Earth, hence its great energy. It is considered the center of knowledge and intelligence.

Lava rock will help you against bad energies. Feel their protection from false beliefs and negative energies.


Help release your oppressed feelings.

Brings vitality and sharpens the survival instinct.

Restores feelings of security and trust.

Being a dark stone, it blocks mental deviations, helping you focus on the essentials.

Cleanses the crown chakra, the center of knowledge, science, and intelligence. It helps you achieve your projects and goals in life and stimulates your creativity, being of particular help to entrepreneurs.


The first question to ask yourself is: What is lava rock?

Lava rock is nothing more than chilled magma that flows from Earth. In other words, it sounds a bit simple, but don't think it has a very complex origin either. Lava from a volcano reaches temperatures of 700 to 1,000 ºC. When it comes into contact with the atmosphere, it cools, giving rise to the famous volcanic stones.

Lava rock is formed by numerous crystals that are due, in large part, to the sudden changes in temperature that occur when leaving the earth's crust. The formation of this stone is produced by an accelerated crystallization of fine grains, giving rise to this large quantity of crystals that shape it.

There is a wide variety of volcanic rocks. The most common stone is basalt; it is greenish-black in color and generally consists of feldspar and pyroxene. It is the most abundant rock in the earth's crust and is found mainly on oceanic islands and continental volcanic arcs.

Another very common volcanic stone is obsidian. Also called volcanic glass, it is a type of igneous rock belonging to the group of silicates with a high percentage of silica oxides. It is a stone whose composition is very similar to that of granite and rhyolite.

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