Our impressions. exclusive photos, special moments and unique places that have been captured to be part of a space and create a unique environment

A collection of photos taken around the world. Each showing the originality and culture of the space.


I am so happy to share with you all the suns that filled my eyes during these four months of travel. Twenty-one flights, seven buses, four boats and not to mention all the TUK-TUK caught on the go have brought me on the paths of new freedom, far from everyday stress.

I fell in love with the people, the cadence of this different life, the museums, and the many temples imbued with a spirituality where the presence of the Buddha is visible everywhere. And that light! At any place! In those young or wrinkled eyes, in the water of lakes and trees, or the magical moment of sunsets.

I also fell in love with the Nina Heyer bags, found by chance in a small shop in Vientiane, Laos.

Nina Heyer's bags are above all a work and a collective success. All of its employees work with the same vision; to produce a high-quality product.

So it is the meeting of people who aspire to produce according to their traditions.

“More than a shopping experience, this is .., A journey to the heart of East Asia. And Africa., With just one click. An ethical relationship with a community of artisans. The promise to give meaning to your purchase. The assurance of being unique, privileged and SO original! "

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