so original


To escape

Browsing the 2500 sf of SO Original at the Rockland Center is an invitation to travel. The place evokes large spaces with noble materials and expressive colors.

“To travel, explains Marie-Claude, is to discover how other people live, work and have fun. You really learn what it means to be human, our connection to others and our place in the world,” she says. Going to SO Original means having a new shopping experience, the opposite of shopping for mass-produced products: "There are dozens of new items that come in every week, explains Marie-Claude, creations are quick sold and never seen again, since they only exist in very few copies: handmade, top-of-the-range chic! ". Coming here is therefore escaping, but it is also choosing to buy and support a mode of creation that carries values ​​that we are proud to display at home or on our own: an essential gift destination.. .

A precursor in Canada in the opening of routes and associations

From its inception, the company has been committed to supporting over the long term, and in an equitable manner, more than a hundred talented craftsmen-creators, in order to better help them make a living from their arts. Often, these designers are women from Quebec and elsewhere, who live practically only from their creations. "After traveling thousands of kilometers on five continents, explains Marie-Claude, the founder of SO Original, Paul and I wanted to share what touched us the most: original stories and exceptional people, she said".