Travelling together for Paul and I is too free ourselves from the bump and grind of daily life. To leave behind the blues of winter that seems to go and on before spring once again shines its light upon us. Dozens of planes, hundreds of buses, a great many boats, many of whom one could question their sea worthiness and the needless parade of

‘’tuk tuk’’ sand tour taxis that drive careening on two wheels and who take us on never ending new adventures far from the stress of big city living of Montreal

We have fallen in love with people of all castes of life living in completely different atmospheres and conditions

We have contemplated lacs and light reflecting from the trees and that magical moment when the sun goes down in a shimmer of lar away light

Geared in our backpack and walking boots, we blaze trails off the beaten path and hand in hand we have built castles in the sky for fun

Giddiness at new discoveries of mysterious foods, pictures of young and old that we meet often times gives us a new sense of destiny

It is thanks to all of these fortuitous meetings with so many talented artisans full of skill and love that we decided to found SO Original and import all of these beautiful hand crafted products that each tell a tale of love.

Sharing the loved we have for these meetings and discoveries with everyone is our goal and also most importantly, to provide work for underprivileged families and villages...SO!