Theme of the month: SO FUNNY

Guess, Recycled or Natural?

Guess if the items included in your gift box are made of natural fibers or if they are recycled. You will see it is not always easy to identify it!

SO Original

Monthly Subscription 12 months - Gift Box


We're going to give you a wonderful experience, with our selection of 4-5 products worth $60 for just $40 for 12 consecutive months.

Spoil your loved ones or yourself while supporting a social cause.

By subscribing to this package:

You will receive 1 Gift box per month for 12 months

2 free boxes, you'll be saving $80!

Prepaid subscription (one-time purchase)

Purchase details:

Cannot be terminated

Subscription with a 12 month commitment

Direct debit on credit card only once, during your purchase. (Payment 1 time)

If you have any questions about our concept or how it works, do not hesitate to contact us or consult our pages.

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